We currently support the following banks, with more coming all the time.

If your bank is not supported, please contact us and we can see if we can add support for it.

OB = Open Banking Available
CC = Credit Cards Available (not via OB unless specified below)
BA = Business Accounts Available

Credit Cards are supported via Open Banking for the following banks:

  • Natwest
  • RBS
  • Ulster
  • Lloyds
  • Nationwide
  • Halifax
  • Bank Of Scotland
  • MBNA

The remaining banks will arrive as soon as they release their Open Banking APIs, and TrueLayer integrate them.

Multiple Countries

  • CSV (upload any format)
  • Revolut (OB, BA)

United Kingdom

  • American Express (CC)
  • Bank of Scotland (OB, BA, CC)
  • Barclaycard (CC)
  • Barclays (OB, BA)
  • Danske (OB, BA)
  • first direct (CC, OB, BA)
  • Halifax (CC, OB, BA)
  • HSBC (OB)
  • HSBC Business (OB, BA)
  • Lloyds (CC, OB, BA)
  • Lloyds Business (AC)
  • M&S Bank (OB, BA)
  • MBNA (OB, CC) 
  • Monzo
  • Nationwide (CC, OB, BA)
  • Natwest (CC, OB, BA)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (CC, OB, BA)
  • Santander (CC, OB, BA)
  • Starling Bank
  • Ulster Bank (OB, CC, BA)
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